Where you can find us

Do you have a general question or need help with your application form? Please complete the contact form on this page or contact us in a way that suits you.


Charity Registration Number 1164090

Principal address

Beeston Consolidated Charity
P O Box 10425


07854 310 327


[email protected]

Get in Touch

Q - Can I get help to complete the form?

A – Yes. Simply contact us by ‘phone or email and we will make arrangements

Q – Why can’t I complete the form online?

A – We feel that paper form is the best means by which to maintain the security of the confidential information you give us.

Q – What sort of help can I get?

A – Mainly financial but we also work with other organisations who can help in other ways if necessary.

Q – How long will it take to reach a decision on my application?

A – Trustees meet monthly and an Emergency Committee exists to respond to an urgent need?

Q – Where do I send the form?

A – To PO Box 10425 Nottingham NG9 9GN